TDK Cassette Roundel

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TDK Cassette Roundel.

100% Recycled acrylic, spraypaint and plywood.

30cm x 30cm

Comes unframed but with fixings ready to hang.

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This roundel piece was created for the Next Level group exhibition in Brighton in April 2023.

I've still got boxes of these old cassettes stashed away! Those days were great, recording late night radio shows and dj mixes, making mix tapes for your girlfriend and pirating your mates music. Still sometimes I'm surprised that they've come back into fashion, I'm guessing people that buy new tapes now never experienced having to sit in their crappy old car gentle trying to extract their chewed up favourite tape from the tape deck and splicing it back together. I definately don't miss that shit!
Still the graphics on some of these old tapes were great. These are my little tributes to that era.