"My work is influenced by the designed environments we all inhabit and the popular cultures we know and love."

Richard Dufty started PrototypeTM in 2022, following over 25 years as a Motion Designer and Creative Director.

When diagnosed with Advanced Prostate Cancer in 2021, he turned his attention to creating his own artwork - finding an outlet for his design and cultural interests with incredible, original pieces.

Although Rich isn't with us, his artwork lives on and we are proud to be celebrating his creations here.

10% of every sale will be donated to WOLO who help families affected by cancer in Sussex. They were, and continue to be, an incredible support for our family - offering emotional, practical and financial help.

Graphic abstraction and mixed media art. Designed to engage, surprise, and inspire nostalgia and positivity.

"I'm influenced by music, graphic design, pop culture and nostalgic imagery.

I fuse these with the textures and images found in my daily urban environment to create a distinct aesthetic which aims to celebrate and explore the intricacies of modern life.

Urban living can often be overwhelming, but amongst the chaos are moments of unseen beauty, the textures of peeling paint work or the compositions of layers of fading posters.

My own life is often one where I'm pulled in different directions. A few years ago I was diagnosed with cancer and I live a life where my time is often dictated by appointments and treatments. Since then, I have learned to live with renewed purpose, seeing the positive and beautiful details in my surroundings.

My current work can be viewed in direct response to that. An attempt to regain a sense of control in my day and explore connections between my varied visual influences. Creating work that is often colourful, positive and bold."

Richard Dufty

"I work with graphic abstraction, preferring to take tiny moments, found materials, typography, photography and via a mixed media process present work which is bold and playful. Celebrating its influences and the beauty I find in our urban environment.

My work aims to capture attention, presenting these often overlooked urban textures and create new moments of beauty and intention."